Part six

Toilet paper here doesn’t belong in the toilet. It belongs in the
basket beside the toilet. The swoosher is where the real work is done.
Used properly it is an extremely effective tool. You can test how well
you have done with one sheet of paper. For the pros however, paper is
entirely unnecessary. I’m not yet a pro.

Sarah finds no sense for her Jane Austen sensibilities in this little
endeavour/challenge but it’s pretty funny listening to her try. Yelps
of outrage are coming from our bathroom.

Decided to ditch the Panviman Resort breakfast the next day and head
into the village instead. Kraft singles just weren’t cutting it. Went
to Bamboo Cafe againfor our third meal in a row. After nailing lunch
and dinner the day before, we thought that perhaps they could also
crack a decent egg and pancakes. Incorrect. Again we were reminded of
the old mantra, “When in Thai, eat Thai”. Chocolate pancakes existed
of a pancake with a side of nuttella and chocolate topping. Not ideal
but if block your nose you pretty much can’t taste anything.

There’s a dude in town that calls himself Mr Handsome. He has a joint
gasoline-laundry-sandwich-tshirt-24 hour taxi service. He must be very
handsome to pull that off. I bought a tshirt in the hope that of would
make me more handsome. I think its working.

We have a had a few more meals. Some by the pool at the resort, one
surprisingly great pizza at a place in the village called Mia and some
super cocktails at a new looking very western style bar called the
Luna lounge. There was a bar called the jungle bar having a pumping
house music party that night, but I think they misread their local
clientelle a bit, the fancy light show serviced a whopping 0 patrons.

We’re nearing the end of this leg of the trip and therefore the end of
our holiday so we decided to do a bit of sightseeing on the
surrounding islands. We have booked a snorkelling trip that visits Ko
Tao and ang thon. That’s for tomorrow. Today is for facials and
massages at the resort as the village has no power. It seems to happen
quite regularly. A dude/slave called “no” is coming to pick us up and
take us to the pier in the morning.

I saw a baby aligator today.

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