Part five

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The biggest news is that I’m reading my first novel in a decade. Sarah’s influence is finally paying dividends. Needless to say I’m still fully abreast of Xbox news, but I’m also appreciating non-instant, printed media.

We spent a week on Koh Samui a little exiled at our fancy resort – fancy: another Clarke influence – lazing our way into a relaxation that can only be the product of sleeping over 10 hours a night. On Saturday we headed to Bo Phut so I could watch the Dockers get their Perth arses kicked at the Billabong surf club. We -hate- Perth. We – love- Hobart.

Sarah had a hamburger like her mum makes and was therefore distracted for the duration. I had some beer and fajitas.

Yesterday we packed up for Big Buddha Beach and caught a ferry to Koh Phangan, a less touristy version of Samui and only 30mins away.

We checked into the Panviman resort and fell in love with our 70s style wood panelled room with magnificent views of the ocean on one side and the sea on the other. We were greeted in spectacular fashion with twin frangiapani leis and a Happy Honeymoon cake. Sweet but not so tasty.

So my ‘bride’ and I shared what may have been the world’s worst pizza and awoke to banana pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. I’ve found that it doesn’t matter what they say before the word bacon as long as it’s being said.

Then we wandered into the village to get some laundry done and rented a kayak to get round the rocks to a beautiful and secluded beach before powering back for some lunch. Sarah steered the kayak and I was the motor. Some people are better at stuff than others.

We had a couple of Singhas at the Jungle Bar while I contemplated what sort of tattoo to get. Sorry mum, it won’t say ‘mum.’ Then on the pierced man’s recommendation we went to the Bamboo cafe for a laab and chicken fried rice. Best Thai food of the trip so far.

We’re now at the pool where Sarah has taught me a thing or two about how to chuck a frisbee and I’m going to finish the freakin Da Vinci Code, airport novel or not.

Sammi, pool side, out

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