Part four

Couldn’t book in for the spa treatment on Tuesday night, so we dropped
back in to Chef Chong’s restaurant for a more appropriately portioned
dinner. Sarah had some delicious Brazillian beef and I had chicken and
fish wrapped in thin omlette. It was pleasant but not spectacular. We
knocked back a couple of wines between Chong’s and Floyd’s and then
retired for the night.

The next day we had the breakfast thing nailed. There is a very over
enthusiastic woman who cuts fresh fruit and makes juices. I don’t
think she is all there as no one can be that in love with fruit
cutting. Today she had a buddy with her who is even weirder. They both
stand at the entrance to the breakfast area soliciting people to eat
more fruit. Its cute, in a floppy newborn puppy sort of way, the sort
of puppy that you’re not sure uses its brain yet. I think they believe
that everyone they convince to take fruit, scores a win for their
weird cause.

After brekky we hired a snorkle set and a small catamaran. After a
short lesson in which ropes to pull, we went sailing in the bay. There
wasn’t much wind so it was pretty slow going most of the time and the
only thing that was under the water was sand, so the snorkelling was
short lived and boring, but it was great to be out in the boat. The
water is beautiful and its really peaceful and relaxing floating
around in the sun. I have to admit i enjoyed more than one
Hasselhoffian moment. Hasselhoff in a cowboy hat. We must have been
out there for 2 or 3 hours. I gave Sarah a job which she would have
excelled at if it had been to scratch the shit out of her own arm!!
She was well prepared for us to capsize at any moment, spending most
of the journey flat out. Literally. Pretty but fairly unhelpful. But
we made it back to shore safe, happy and sunburned. I’m an awesome
sailor, like a fat pop-eye, but I’ve substituted spinach for pizza.

After returning the boat and having ‘a bit if a paddle’ in the ocean.
We had pizza and a prawn & mango salad for lunch on the beach at
Floyd’s. The salad was ok. The pizza was bad. A bit like a defrosted
Maggi, note to self: when in Thailand, order Thai food.

And then for our “Return to Prahna” spa treatment that we had managed
to book in the day before. It was two and a half hours of couple-
specific pampering.

We were greeted at the spa and offered some cold water and wet towels
before being escourted to our treatment area when we donned some paper
pants and hopped in a super-hot sauna, showered in rain water, were
scrubbed with dirt and peanut like stuff, had a rose petal milk bath
and a long massage. The highlight was definitely the tropical storm
that thundered on us in the open air bath. Not even I, master planner,
could have contrived that one. Magic. We had then returned to
Prahna . . . Apparently.

When we left the spa, the light outside was amazing. It was that post-
thunderstorm in the sunset light that doesn’t last long, but makes
every photo picture-perfect. .

We were a little dazed and taken by the light and the pampereing, so
the only thing to do was knock back a couple of curries and Long
Island ice teas and go to sleep.

Today we may head over to the Big Buddha beach to see if we can get a
great meal. Jeeps, scooters or a cab is the biggest decision we will
have to make today.

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