ALLYOUCANUPLOAD.COM is a new service from CNet where you can upload images very simply, for free, and have them hosted so that you can post them onto blogs / ebay / forums etc…

It’s the most recent in a line of free media hosting upstarts like Flickr, YouTube, etc… It’s pretty quick and painless and you don’t need to sign up for an account to put an image up. It’s very simple, and if you want to collate you images into albums like you can in flickr you need to sign up for a webshots account, but there is no obligation to do so if you just want to post a pic to put on your blog / site / whatever. A real problem that i have with Flickr is that it has always seems pretty slow for me. I know looking over Nick Loeve’s holiday snaps always takes me ages, this was superquick.

I uploaded the image above. It’s a shot that Nick Osborne took of me ages ago when he was trying out a technique that he wanted to use for a job, and i was trying to look as gay as possible. It uploaded and then presented me with a list of urls for me to use in various formats, BBCODE, HTML etc… it also game me urls to use for a thumbnail of the image. This was pretty handy, but god forbid you ever happen to lose that url, you’ll have to just re-upload the same image i suppose, unless you sign up forr the webshots account.

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